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Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital, Kudappanakunnu


Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital, Kudappanakunnu is a New Generation Specialty Ayurvedic Eye Hospital. Founded in 2003, under the guidance and vision of Dr P K Santhakumari, the hospital soon rose to a status in Ayurvedic history with very few parallels. Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital Enjoys the status of being the first “Speciality Ayurvedic Eye Hospital” in kerala. The hospital, and its operations were a first of its kind in a state like kerala (which itself is considered a cradle of ayurveda), and yet the first Speciality Ayurvedic Eye Hospital.  In a sense, we can consider  Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital as an example of History in the Making in terms of Speciality Ayurvedic Eye Hospitals.


The Hospital employs the best in class physicians in the field of Ayurvedic Ophthalmology. The team of Doctors leave no stone unturned and patients can expect the best available Ayurvedic Treatment for Eye Diseases. The brightest students, after completing their basic Ayurvedic studies (B.A.M.S course), compete to get the few available seats for  the specialty training provided at Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital. Physicians and Doctors visit the hospital for guidance and training in the field of  specialty ayurvedic Eye Treatment.


Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospitals Has only two hospitals, both located in Trivandrum(Kudappanakunnu and Thachottukavu). The hospital believes in developing Trivandrum (The capital of Kerala state in India) as a base hub for Ayurvedic Eye Treatment. In terms of outreach activities, the hospital has a well defined vision. Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital believes that it can act as a role model for the startup of further speciality ayurvedic Eye Hospitals like itself and is willing to provide and all guidance and help for it.

Educational Activities

Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital, has two types of educational programs to spread the light of vision in the field of Ayurvedic Ophthalmology. The resident Training Program at Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital in intended for Junior Ayurvedic Doctors who wish to enter the field of Ayurvedic Ophthalmology. The Fellowship program is open strictly only on invitation basis. The basic idea of the fellowship program at Matha Ayurveda Eye hospital is enlighten experienced Ayurvedic Doctors to the experience and knowledge that Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital has gained over the years of specialized treatment.

Medicines used

Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital has a world class in house medicine manufacturing facility that strictly caters only to the inpatients of the hospital. The hospital also has tie-ups with other world class medicine manufacturing houses to supply medicines on a strictly case by case basis. The quality testing department at the hospital assures the medicine quality at all times.


The Facilities at Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital are mainly of two types : the first type is the common single patient accomodation rooms that allow for a single patient and by-stander. The rooms are clean, well maintained and with all basic amenities and attached bathrooms. The second type is the deluxe type of accommodation with air conditioned rooms and deluxe accommodation facilities. The food is prepared at the in house kitchen and suits the individual needs of every patient. The Hospital maintains a small family culture, and can be experienced in every activities, be it the way staff behaves or the special bond that forms between patients when they stay at the hospital.


Research Activities

Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital is constantly engaged in research activities in the field of Ayurvedic Eye Care and Ayurvedic Eye Treatments. The research papers from Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital are always evoke a special response at every technical semiars or conferences and the scientific and academic community almost inevitably wait for the next research paper from Matha Ayurveda Eye Hosptal during all technical events.


Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital Believes in spreading the light of Ayurvedic Eye Care with the academia. The Publishing division of Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital has come out with “A textbook of Ophthalmology in Ayurveda”, written by Dr P K Santhakumari. The textbook is the approved by CCIM (Central council of Indegeneous Medicine) as a syllabus textbook for the students of ayurvedic ophthalmology. The numerous research papers and publications from Matha Ayurveda Eye hospital always referenced by the student community of Ayurveda.

Adherence to standards

Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital is a place where Standards in Ayurvedic Ophthalmology are created, and where the ayurvedic community reaches out for help in creating the future standards in this particular specialization of Ayurvedic Ophthalmology.

Feedback from patients

Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospita, from its extremely humble beginnings, have now come a long way, just due to the word of mouth publicity from the existing patients. The words of the management at Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital ” Our best marketing activities are conducted not by us, but by those who have been discharged from this hospital”, and this exactly is the reason for success of this hospital.


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1 Tradition

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2 Expertise

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3 Outreach

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4 Educational Activities

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5 Medicines used

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6 Facilities

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7 Research Activities

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8 Publications

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9 Adherence to standards

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10 Feedback from Patients

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